In Memory Of


Our Beloved Jeff

May 30, 1980 to March 25, 2014
33 years young

You came to us when you were young and new to construction,
Your experience grew with a little instruction.

Over the years you were quite vital to our team,
You were every employer’s greatest dream.

We experienced sending you on your first airplane flight,
And later you told us of the awesome sight.

We remember your first view of the Atlantic Ocean,
We were so honored that is was with In Motion.

You started to travel near and far,
And you became one of In Motion’s brightest stars.

You married your wife and had three kids,
And you still managed your job to get us those bids.

God came and abruptly took you with no warning,
Don’t know what to do with each and every morning.

Time has passed and we think of you each day,
All we can do is talk to you when we pray.

Don’t worry about your family as they are doing alright,
We are sure they talk to you each and every night.

We didn’t get to see your face with your surprise promotion,
But always know you will always be a part of In Motion.

Rest in Peace our beloved friend,
We will see you one day it is not the end.

jeff and family